Melancholy in its beautiful form

I just had one of those precious days at the beach.  Nothing is better than enjoying friends, feeling a wonderfully relaxed vibe, sand between toes and watching an utterly beautiful sunset. Pure magic!

I found myself dreaming and thinking about the simple, yet most beautiful things. How grateful I am for everything in my life. The ups and downs, the glitter and the rainbow. The truth is that if you make a conscious decision to be happy with all what you have, who you are and where you are at this very moment, you will experience the gifts that are so enriching, that your life will feel like the miracle it actually is.

Beauty lies in small things:)

 J'adore Joem Aldea and APIRFOTO for this dreamy edit!


pics by APIRFOTO

Mind, body and spirit.

I had this amazing yoga shoot with Joem and his sweet wifey Brenda again. On the way to the beach we saw hundreds of rabbits chewing grass in the backyard of some royal family. These sheikhs nowadays are really creative:))Surfers were riding the sunset waves, I was practising my yoga postures, the salty breeze was playing with my hair. Everything was just too perfect. After the sunset we moved to a park under the trees and I nearly lost myself in a present. I’m really so hooked on yoga and these conscious moments of happiness. What fascinates me the most about yoga is how I feel after a session.  I can flex every individual muscle in my body.  And my mind is suddenly clear as a crystal ball. At the end of the day I felt yoga high. I got amazing sleep, and as I’m writing this now my mind feels super clear and my body feels great.  When you start to treat your body with care, you reap all the positive benefits, like being high for a really long time, having clearer mind and you build mindful habits. You should give it a try guys. Really. 






leggings - DHARMA BUMS,  top - TONIC, ohm necklace : all available at (yApparel)


top and leggings - TONIC (yApparel)



yoga mat - La Vie Boheme (yApparel)

Loving the yoga stuff from yApparel!  The owner of the shop is a super nice yogi girl and trough social media she made the yoga community in Dubai easily accessible to everyone who loves yoga as much as I do. Thank you Dina! ;) The shop is located in Jumeirah Centre on Beach Road.  Aside from a superb customer service, they have the coolest yoga mats, funky patterned leggings, gorgeous tops and oh so beautiful Buddha accessories!