We are all mirrors.

" Relationships are catalysts for growth. In them we rise to a certain level of integrity. In them we face our fears. We see ourselves in other. As motions crystallize we have the potential to embody the unique beauty, like a fleeting snowflake. The heat radiating from our connections  can melt an icy heart. It can bring the vigor of life and create purpose, where it was once lost. Our love is the light at the end of the dark night of the soul. Yet we often mistake the other for the source of love. We glimpse love in the other to be able to see it in ourselves. When love is remembered as our true nature, consciousness flowers and attachments are redefined. This is when true relating can begin and this is how love soars in the skies of freedom and acceptance.

                                                                                         - Meagan Moon and Evan Rock -


photos by fantastic Tanya Yatsenko