Dental hygiene routine in pregnancy

Imagine a world where everyone you meet gives you a warm, bright smile. And you no longer have to visit a dentist. In fact, dentists don't exist!  Lovely dream, isn't it? Unfortunately, pregnant ladies aren't just eating for two, they are also brushing for two. I'm an example! During pregnancy, increased hormone levels boost blood circulation. This can cause swollen and bleeding gums, which is very annoying. Plus if you add fatigue, morning sickness and the myth of not being able to visit the dentist during pregnancy...booom...#firstworldproblem. That's why I have quite a thorough routine as I'm particularly protective of my teeth.

 My dental home care trio

My dental home care trio

I start off by flossing. I love to floss! I prefer it because the floss is fine enough to fit between my teeth. Brushing teeth is a habit we all have had since childhood. Brush, eat, brush, eat, sleep. However, many people don't realize the terrible ingredients used in most conventional toothpaste's. I used to create my own version of natural toothpaste where I mixed coconut oil, soda bicarbonate and a hint of stevia or peppermint extract to add freshness. I think it's the best for healthy teeth. Unfortunately, I had a lot of surgeries, and lost many natural teeth so I had to switch to a toothpaste. Luckily, there are some really nice natural herbal products out there. I prefer using fluoride free toothpaste. Since I moved to Dubai, my toothpaste of choice is the Sparkly White from  Himalaya brand. It is natural, 100 % vegetarian and free from parabens. It is a pity that it mysteriously disappears from grocery shops.  

Pregnancy tips for healthy teeth:

Avoid sugar and sweets as much as you can and let yourself munch on healthier options. Strawberry banana smoothie or carrots with hummus perhaps? Oh, I promise to bring you ladies some nice healthy and vegan recipes where you will lick your screens without guilt.

Very important tip. Don't brush your teeth right after you vomit. No no no! Your teeth have just been exposed to acid so the enamel is soft and a small amount could be brushed away. Instead, rinse your mouth with water or baking soda to neutralize the acid. 

I am by no means a dental expert and I know this can be a touchy subject, but as of today, I am very happy girl and my teeth feel clean, fresh and healthy:)