Antiplastic fantastic - how to kick the plastic habit.

Dear Earthlings, 

this post is a wake up call, because with this fucked up consumerism ego culture we will soon need another planet to live on.  Dubai is a wonderful, clean place, where you basically can't see any trash on the streets, because like using a magic stick, it goes away with a morning shift of hard working employees. So some people might even think that the trash fairy made it go away. I'm sorry to burst this little unicorn bubble.


I recently watched PLASTIC PARADISE (highly recommend it). I feel as though I've been thrown upside down and shaken around with all of the thoughts running through my brain since I watched this documentary. The reality is that every piece of plastic that has been created is still on Earth today. We dump trillions tonnes of waste in the ocean, and this is only growing. Some parts of the ocean are already turning into a plastic soup and it's estimated by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish. Over 90 percent of sea birds even in remote areas have plastic pieces in their stomachs and are killed by eating plastics. And that's fucked! Plastic itself is not a bad product, but we use it in the worst way possible. Using up resources just for a few minutes is not environmentally friendly. That's why, please refuse refuse refuse single use plastics!

Me not using plastic bags or straws, isn't going to save the world. But other people seeing me not do it, and us uniting as a society to solve the problems that we have created for the entire environment, that can implement the real change. The environmental issue is real, serious, and we need to move our lazy bums and brains a bit more. Please join me here on earth to go antiplastic and be a fantastic human!

How to start?  It's easy, just swap the shitty stuff for eco friendly versions:


1. Ditch the plastic bags

Plastic bags are almost never recycled and end up in oceans choking animals.  Let's reuse shopping bags or have a tote bag ready in you handbag.

Where to get a tote bag: Organic foods and cafe


2. Buy in bulk

Where? Organic foods and cafe, Carrefour, Ripe Market. Anywhere else? Please let me know! Btw. glass jars are sexy!


3. Fruit and veggies shopping

This can be really tricky because most food is wrapped in plastic nowadays. For delivery I'm very happy with  Kibsons as they send items without plastic packaging in boxes. I got my reusable fruit and veggie bags at Organic foods and cafe.

Where to get fresh, organic fruit and veggies : Ripe market,  Ripe Organic Farm shop the Palm, Organic foods and cafe, Green heart organic farms.


4. Food deliveries

Oh this is a tough one. I must confess I'm ordering at least 2 times a week. When ordering via Delivero or Zomato, just click the little box and say no to disposable utensils and you can also mention in the comments that you are fine just with one ketchup instead of four.


5. Say NO to disposable coffee cups

Seriously, takeaway coffee cups are the worst. They are used only once, the plastic lid is a disaster and only one percent is recycled. I'm a coffee junkie and there isn't a better feeling than enjoying a cup of coffee on cozy sofa directly in the cafe house.  If you're always on a run, buy a reusable cup such as Keepcup or Ecoffee cup and take it with you on your caffeine mission.

Where to get reusable coffee cups: HERE


6. Bye bye straws

Stop sucking! :))) If you can't stop it, buy yourself a steel one HERE and use it forever. Amen.


7. Water

Drinking bottled water is concerning to me as  plastic tends to release toxic stuff when heated. If you drink out of bottles that have been stood in 40°C heat, that will certainly have an impact on your body. And I'm not even talking about the amount of plastic waste we are producing daily! The tap water in Dubai, the government says is completely fit for drinking, even unfiltered.  However the quality of tap water often depends on the cleanliness of pipes and storage tanks in the building where we live. What is your experience?   I would really appreciate recommendations.  


8. Easy bathroom swaps

I make my own toothpaste, lotions, body scrubs and sunscreen. I'm absolutely loving this because I exactly know what I'm putting on my body and I can create scents I really love. Citrus and vanilla forever!:) You can also make a huge impact just by switching out your plastic toothbrush for a sustainable bamboo toothbrush. 

Where to get package free cosmetics: LUSH (however they use palm oil in their products), bamboo toothbrush HERE.


 Eucalyptus face soap, Eco heart bamboo toothbrush, Lush body butter, DIY toothpaste (coconut oil, soda bicarbonate, essential oil)

Eucalyptus face soap, Eco heart bamboo toothbrush, Lush body butter, DIY toothpaste (coconut oil, soda bicarbonate, essential oil)


9. Swap the plastic baby crap 

Say hello to old fashion durable wooden toys! Also eco friendly bamboo fibre kids ware are a great alternative to plastic ones. They are non toxic, biodegradable and BPA free.

High quality eco wood toys available at Cocoontoys and Harmonyhousetoys

Where to get bamboo fibre ware: Mumzworld or Sprii.


10. Recycle

While it's great to do, it's always better to avoid excess packaging in the first place. People tend to think that if something is made of plastic, it can be recycled. The truth is that even though certain type of plastics are recyclable, most people don’t put them in with recyclables so at the end they end up in landfills and oceans.  Please aim for the right bin. There are recyclable stations all over Dubai, even in front of my building in JLT, Spinneys in Meadows, Dubai Marina Walk. You can find them HERE. Or use HOMECYCLE. All you need to do is collect recyclables and request a pick up trough the website or the app. 


The list goes on and on, but I think it's much more interesting, if you'll look it up and discover it for yourself. Even if you only adopt one thing, you’re still making an impact to reduce your carbon footprint. It's a journey. The whole idea is not to feel shitty or hopeless. All that matters is that you're becoming aware, more conscious in your choices and you're doing your best.


These 2 girls are my zero waste super heroes. Bea Johnson and Lauren Singer founders of zero waste movement.  Check out  their websites for huge inspiration.

Also there are fantastic groups on Facebook you can join. Zero Waste UAE and Reducing Waste in the UAE.

Thank you for reading and watching, keep up and stay groovy!:)