Beach Booty.

With summer looming on the horizon, and hot, sticky weather coming, it's the time to get your beach booty back mama!


You’ve already given up your sinful tiramisu, you’ve been eating healthy and ordering Kcal.   And you’ve been waking up sweaty from doing push-ups even when you sleep. The struggle is real! On a mission to melt a few pounds, sometimes you need a little extra help. Ayurveda, massage and radio frequency? Say no more! It’s time for a little reward that will be like a cherry on top of chocolate cake and it will help your body to get contoured, gorgeous and poolside ready.

To get the miraculous toning procedure called ReShape, (suitable especially for new mommies), I headed down to the VLCC Slimming, Beauty and Fitness health club in Dubai Marina. Upon arrival, I was greeted by a team of friendly therapists. Before we started, I was told to stand up on the  BMI machine. This machine works by sending an electrical signal that travels through your body and the reading shows up as a percentage on the machine’s digital screen.  After that, the lovely therapist lady asked me which parts of my body do need the little extra attention.  I admire beautifully toned  legs and booty, so I pointed down.

The treatment began with an application of cream to protect the surface skin. Then she used the radiofrequency machine (a device that contours the body, stimulates collagen and claims to reduce cellulite). She pressed and massaged the area using radio frequency waves which felt like a tiny heating sensation. After 15 minutes on each part, the therapist started with a lymphatic drainage massage using a special ayurvedic cellulite gel.

After the session, I immediately felt that my legs were getting somewhat perkier. The manager explained the results of the BMI machine where I learned the values of my body mass index, percent of body fat, waist-hip ratio, basal metabolic radio, muscle, fat control and the overall fitness score of my body. 

I also had a chance to try the Shape Up ayurvedic Waist & Tummy Trim Gel which releases and breaks down cellular fat into consumable energy and, flushes out extra retained water from your system and strengthens the skin’s surface. I’m loving the fact that it’s herbal and all natural and even though it doesn’t smell like heaven, it really works. 

As a last poolside goddess touch up try this luxurious ayurvedic Gold Facial Kit with 24 karat gold for a luminous and radiant complexion. You cannot get more fancy than gold! I wanted to see some reviews about his product, before trying it. Indian ladies are praising this facial kit to heaven. I think this kit is especially good for dry skin and overall I’m really happy with it. My skin is beautifully soft and glowing.

If you’re keen to try some of VLCC’s reshaping, toning or slimming procedures, visit their branch at Marina Park Building, Dubai Marina or keep them on speed dial! Tel: 04 447 1488

Enjoy the summer! xxx