Shedd app, charity and donating unwanted items.

Since I know there is a little living soul in my tummy, the first thing that popped into my mind was that I need to get rid of the clothes and stuff I wore or used less than once. With this changing super body, you'll not be able to fit into your favorite jeans for a looong time anyway. And you'll need to create more space for the baby and tons of the cutest baby stuff! So I decided to do a closet detox while making some money. And as the online world is the new frontier,  the best way to do it is to use a super easy local application SHEDD which you can download to your android or IOS device. Then all you have to do is create a profile, take pictures of your unwanted clothes, write the price, describe your items, use hashtags and sell! It's also a bit social in sense that you can follow someone else's closet.  I can't recommend this app enough. 


The second option is to turn your items into cash, the dubizzle way

Something that's been sitting in your house, unused and unloved, may bring a great joy to someone else. Therefore, I strongly  encourage you to do  your research and check out local options for unwanted items like women's shelters, charity shops or animal shelters.  There are also quite a few charity boxes across town and once you start looking you'll notice them. There is one in Jlt in Cluster Q  and in the  Mall of the Emirates. You may also consider asking the security guys or maintenance guys (assuming there are some men's clothes). They may be able to either use them or sell them.

Another thing you may consider is donating your unwanted items to Stray dog center UAQ. They are having  Garage sale where they raise some money for doggies.  If you have clothes, shoes, baby items, books, toys, furniture or household appliances please contact them for more info.  

Happy shedding and donating!