Beach baby - packing list for baby's first beach trip.

Beach time with 6 month old baby? It is a game changer but taking a baby to the beach is so much fun and essential if you want to have a future surfer girl! :))) By the way, have you seen videos of  Sky & Ocean Awsmkids? These kids blow my mind! #babygoals2020 :))) Ok, first things first. Here are a few tips how to get through your first day at beach with a baby like a boss!

Bathing suit and hat

I got Ninka's one piece pink polka dot bathing suit at Mothercare. It keeps her cool and also blocks UV rays. I suggest buying a bathing suit which comes down easily because it's almost impossible to get a soaking wet swimming suit off the baby. To go along with a cute bathing suit you have to have a cute hat. 

Swim and regular diapers 

You have two options here. You can either go for reusable swim nappies available on Dbbabies, Mumzworld or Noahsgarden or disposable ones. We are using Huggies Little Swimmers as I haven't found any disposable eco option.  Not many people know that they aren't a one use only items. If they haven't been soiled, they can be rinsed out and used again and again. This helps save so many nappies entering into landfill. Don't forget that swimming diapers don't absorb so you need to change them for regular nappies once the baby is out of the water.


I personally use Eco Tan natural coconut sunscreen SPF 30 for my baby. It has no hidden nasties and contains certified organic, all natural ingredients and it's perfectly safe for babies. You can also make your own organic natural sunblock, which I'm going to share with you in another post. 


Hooded towels are the cutest!


We recently bought a small tent in Decathlon in Battuta mall. It's super easy to open up and wonderfully compact portable, lightweight and has sun protection SPF 30.

Baby carrier

One of the best thing is having a baby carrier with. But if you like to work on your biceps, triceps and assertiveness, try pushing a stroller trough sand:)))). 

Plenty of water, milk and snacks

Ella's kitchen and Happy baby organic or Hipp Organic pouches are gold if you want to have a quick beach snack but please don't use them for babies on regular basis even if they are organic.  I've recently stumbled upon some bad reviews about Ella's kitchen labeling on the Pea and Broccoli pouches about misleading nutrition information. I suggest to have an open mind and also open eyes and read all the labels.

Pacifier for nap and baby's favorite toys

TIP:  Here is a little trick with cornstarch. Sprinkle some on your babies feet and you will have a silky and sand free baby in no time.


Happy beach time, xo Pipi