Preggo time!

Hello ladies! It’s been a long time.  But I’m back! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas wherever you were and whatever you did. I wish you all a wonderful New Year full of happiness, love and blessings!

Speaking of blessings, this year Santa has been very generous. I not only got after 32 years of my life some nice boobies for Christmas (finally!), but I’m also expecting our bundle of joy.  I'm overloaded with happiness!

Pregnant life is a completely new experience, happy, but also life changing. Sometimes it might feel like a life of a pensioner. Minus the parties and shopping. Plus the crazy hormones and emotions! You will find yourself walking on the third floor of Dubai mall,  crying over the sight of the tiny little cool stuff for babies. Your head will be spinning from all the new gear you never ever imagined you will EVER need. Hello kitty hoodies, fairy skirts and I come!  Suddenly the old you disappears. It's  you and the little (avocado, pineapple) in your tummy. A proper miracle! 

So from now on, this section will probably be my favorite, and I will update you on all things that preggos can do to enjoy this amazing time. 

 4 months to go!

4 months to go!