Samer is a Hair Stylist  who will  treat you as a princess. And he will make you look like an Arabian queen! He is currently working at Nicolas & Jean Beauty Salon in Media City.   I absolutely adore his style and his personality. We both have a fetish for music, tattoos and spiritual realm and we could talk for hours about parties in Lebanon or the flower of life. After the photo shoot he gave me 2 amazing painting as a gift. Yay! Basically he's a sweetheart. As charming as he is stylish and humble and polite to boot.

 How did you end up doing hairdressing?

Actually I started as a hairdresser when I was 15. I used to work in the summertime with a hairdresser who was my neighbor.  I even worked after school with that guy. By the time I finished high school I had the experience to become a real hairdresser.   And here we are.  I have a great relationship with my clients.I became a professional hairdresser quickly. I love this profession. I see it as an art form.  I was born in Lebanon and I worked there for a long time.  I really enjoyed being an artist in my country. After a while a lot of my friends came to work in Dubai and they were urging me to come and be with them. We always go out together since we know a lot of the same people and I really love the night life here. My favorite clubs are Analog room and White Dubai.


pics: by me