Home made, organic food porn in JLT at it's best!

Everyone who lives in JLT knows, that this part of the city is a foodie's heaven. There are so many good restaurants and eateries to spoil you silly. But it would take you quite a while to tick off the one's who bring it all:  healthy food, great atmosphere and perfect service. Smoothies, salads, super cool places here I come! It's time to fall in love - hard!

Ps: Try not to lick the screen when clicking on pics.:))



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A darling of JLT hipsters and cool people. If you work in JLT, chances are, you would have stumbled upon this stylish cafe with an industrial chic design. I'm really digging the bicycle on the wall and the tasteful furnishing.  Atmosphere is very homely, service is very friendly and professional. They food tastes and looks extremely delicious and the smoothies are like heaven. 


photos: taken by me with my camera and Samsung S6 Edge

Best cafe in Dubai - Tom&Serg.

Caffeine junkies and hedonists! This is THE place to be!

Being a lover of caffeine and ambience, Tom&Serg urban cafe deserves my total blessing. When I eventually came in I literally felt a swelling of my heart and it gave me an overwhelming feeling of happiness...oh home sweet home!


The new baby on the Dubai coffee scene is located in Al Quoz far from the glitz and glamour of Dubai. It has a creative industrial space, excellent dishes, and killer coffee. And upstairs there is a perfect space with couches and books and Wi-Fi. Whether you’re after smoked salmon and poached eggs (42 AED), bowl of supersalad (27 AED), warm banana and hazelnut bread (35 AED) or a lemon lime meringue (19 AED). The counter has something for everyone. Try the organic free range chicken satay with coconut rice. Simply heaven! And free water?! It’s all part of what I call superb service!

Slayer flat white.

Slayer flat white.


It was a pleasure to meet Tom (Ozzie) and Sergio (Spanian) . You definitely can feel the fresh, cool spirit they’ve put into their work. The baristas here, know exactly how to heat the milk, and how to get the flavour from the grind of a bean. Story goes, most urban Australians have a favored barista on a speed dial next to their dentist or plumber. Now I know why!


Bravo Tom&Serg. This is how it looks, when two down to earth guys have a dream and create something from the heart.

pics by me